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Studio Lounge & Nightclub

Flag Canada Canada | Vancouver

Studio Lounge & Nightclub is a nightclub located in Vancouver’s popular Granville street where all of the nightlife in the city is concentrated, in my opinion this would be the third best nightclub located on Granville street. This nightclub is particularly aimed towards people in their mid 20’s to about their mid 30’s which is...

Bat:Dot XX1

Flag Belarus Belarus | Minsk

I have been to many elegant restaurant/bars throughout my travels, but I have to say that Bar:Dot XXI is by far one of the best restaurant/bars that I have ever been to. It is not only the fact that the whole décor of the restaurant is very elegant and exudes sophistication, it is also that...

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Sketch NITE

Flag Poland Poland | Warsaw

Sketch Nite is a nightclub located in the heart of Warsaw’s nightlife district, the popular Mazowiecka street where all the nightlife resides in the city. The nightclub is mostly aimed at university students therefore the average age of the nightclub is from 18 to 24 years old; so if you are outside of this age...

The Toothy Moose

Flag Canada Canada | Halifax

Toothy Moose is a nightclub located in downtown Halifax, on the popular Argyle Street where all of the nightlife in the city is concentrated. Like all other nightclubs in Halifax, Toothy Moose is mostly aimed towards university student in their early 20’s on average, however on any given night you will find some people in...