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Grand Cafe

Flag Belarus Belarus | Minsk

Grand Café is an elegant and sophisticated restaurant/bar located in the city center of Minsk with a great atmosphere that exudes sophistication, elegance and everything that a high-end place would offer. I would say that this is one of my favourite places out of all the countries and cities that I have reviewed the nightlife...

Durty Nelly's Irish Pub

Flag Canada Canada | Halifax

Durty Nelly's Irish Pub is a truly authentic Irish Pub located in Halifax’s popular nightlife street (Argyle St), on any given day you will find people at this pub having a good time – even on off days like Monday or Tuesday. During the weekend it can get pretty busy and likely that a line-up...

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Jet Nightclub

Flag Canada Canada | Montreal

For those of you in University or in their mid 20’s or below, Jet Nightclub is perhaps the best nightclub that Montreal has to offer for you. It is located on the popular Crescent St. and from the get-go you will see people lining up outside of the nightclub and waiting to get in. Like...


Flag Canada Canada | Montreal

Thursday’s is bar/nightclub located in Montreal’s popular Crescent Street that in my opinion is one of the best places in Montreal’s entire nightlife district; the place is divided into a nightclub located on the lower level when walking in and a bar located on the upper level. On weekends the nightclub can certainly get a...